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Have you ever lost any of your friends to a gasoline fire? Do you have your own center for kids who can't read good? Can you read minds? My close friend Derek was faced with this tragedy, but he is doing quite well now! He even is close friends with this other model.... I believe his name is... Hansel? We meet up for orange Mocha Frappachinos every now and again.
Could you please describe what you usually eat on an average day and how often do you work out? What did your parents say when you decided to move to NYC? How is your relationship to your parents in general? Breakfast: 2 eggs (whites only) a slice of toast & an apple.
Lunch: grilled chicken salad w/ vinegar.
Dinner: grilled chicken or salmon w/ steamed veggies and a glass of milk.
Snacks 3 times a day of fruit and nuts.
I work out about 1.5 hours a day with 45 of cardio and 45 of various weights and toning I don't talk to my dad, mom was very supportive!
Thanks for the response! Must take a lot of self-control to not eat anything else @[email protected] When my paycheck depends on it, Its easier to stay away from chocolate :P.
On a somewhat related note, do you ever plan to stop modeling? And if you do plan to stop, are you looking forward to eating whatever you want? Ice cream for breakfast, cake and pizza for lunch, and chocolate malts for dinner. I am looking forward to getting very very fat.
How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? I am just a normal teenage girl. Except I'm not. But i am....
Is there a modeling hierarchy that people outside of the business don't know about? Like glamour, runway, fashion, etc? Or blondes, then redheads... anything like that going on? Not really... The top girls can do both high fashion and commercial gigs. Think Victoria's secret girls. High fashion has more publicity and fame but no $$$. Commercial is catalogues and cheesy gigs, but pay insane amounts.
So you're telling me really famous models don't make much off their contracts with high end-fashion companies? I just find that hard to believe. Key words. Really famous. Fashion shows pay nothing, a normal high fashion girl will make maybe 20,000 a year. A famous high fashion girl does campaigns and commercials, they make an upwards of 300,000 a year. It depends on what they book. Usually the famous fashion girls also have a commercial edge so they get the extra cash.
Have you suffered with an eating disorder as is the stigma with modeling? If not, how do you stay so thin? Never. I have seen many girls deal with eating disorders, but I have stayed strong. I am naturally very very thin (have been my entire life) and just work hard at the gym and eat balanced meals. I am one of the lucky few with a body naturally fit for the industry
How does one get into a modeling career? How did this all come about? What should someone do to be prepared to enter this sort of career? I'm a male who's thinking about entering a modelling career for a while. I was discovered through a company called proscout. I adore them and would not have been able to be where I am now without them. Check it out!
How hard do they pressure you to lose weight? I've never personally had many issues, but it is part of the industry. There will always be a girl out there taller, skinnier, more beautiful, and more willing to work harder than you. So we have to keep that in mind and do our best while still staying healthy.
I'll actually ask a serious one. Who in your life has influenced you the most and had the greatest impact on who you are today? There is no simple answer.
The lack of my fathers support and presence in my life has driven me harder to succeed.
My grandfather has been more of my "father" He has supported me 100% all along the way and fronted me the money to get out to NYC. I started with $500 to my name. Thats it. But it was enough, and I owe it to him.
My mom is my world. My entire life she has told me I can do anything I set my mind to. And I can.
Any chance of getting your boyfriend to do an AMA? Not sure.... I can maybe ask!
Is your bf is Mike Keute? What's his height/weight? Does he take steroids or something to get that cut? He is 6'2, total body fat 4% I believe.... No roids, he is even more of a health nut than I am! He eats very well and works out quite a bit. He used to be a personal trainer, so he knows all the tricks! :)
What's your favorite part about modeling? And also where has been your favorite place to visit while modeling? I haven't traveled at all yet, but I love my NY! My favorite part is the excitement of opening any magazine and seeing my best friends, and my own face all over :P Its a very weird feeling!
I gotcha, I bet that is an interesting feeling! Well then follow-up is there any plans to travel in the future or gonna stay strictly in NY? I have agencies interested in me from Milan, Paris, Tokyo and Miami! So not sure yet what my next move is! You'll be the first to know ;)
If you can: Paris and Milan in spring is the best; South Beach Miami in the fall and winter. No opinion on Japan, never shot there. Thank you thank you thank you! :DD.
How do you physically prepare for something like fashion week? A lot more gym time and healthier foods? I am 5'9", though I will never look as pretty as you. I would sure love to hear about how you train to keep yourself in shape. Thank you A lot more gym and cut out sugary things completely. No more ben and jerrys on the weekend, no more pizza breaks. Lasts about 2 months prior.
How does it feel knowing that guys only talk to you because they want to fuck you? Meh, I don't pay attention to it.
1) Favorite male and female model and why? Fave male model....Mike Keute Fave Female... I love Lindsay Ellington!
Wow what is he like 6 '1. 4% body Fat. Time to go back to the gym lol. Actually that is spot on! haha :P.
Do you see a lot of models your age or younger who you feel are going down the wrong path drugs/eating disorders/no education? And how do your parents feel about your career? :( yes. Its the worst part of the industry. The best I can do is look after myself and try to help those around me.
OP: write this down on a Post-It, or on one of your own Tear Sheets :) "I will never, ever do Coke, not even once" and tape it to your bathroom mirror in the corner :) Hahahahah NOT EVEN ONCE.
What skin products do you use to keep your face so lovely? I have 3 favorites! Olay Regenerist night creme is AH-MAZBALLS.
Any of the Skyn Iceland products are killer (a little pricey) But they have the best skin prep!
Arcona skin products have fantastic face peels and scrubs.
Good for you for deciding to continue your education. How did your parents handle your decision to move to NYC at 16 become a model? Do modeling agencies look after their younger models? ...or are you left to your own devices? My family has always been supportive of what ever I do (as long as I earn my degree(s) and get A's. My agency has become my family. They look out for me, and always help me when I need it.
Why an MBA if you love acting? Backup plan? It isn't a bad one, but there are better ones. But it has a very high flexibility, which is probably for the best. I can respect that. MBA is my back up, and provides flexibility like you said
Do you enjoy any board/card/video games? Monopoly is amazing.
I was a big Pokemon fan my entire life (still a fan, but not enough time)
I love me some donkey Kong and mario!
Try Ticket To Ride, it is by far a better game than monopoly. Very easy to get into, understand, and extremely fun! The train game?!?!?!
Oh, yes! hehe. You've played? Yes yes yes! I adore it!
What's the deal with your dad? From reading all of your responses I'm guessing your mother and him are divorced and he was never in your life? True? If you could say anything to him, what would it be? He left with his secretary when I was 3. I saw him a lot but he was never a good dad. Haven't talked to him in 3 years now.... If I could say anything, I would ask him why he chose her over my mom and me.
What do you think of the clothes you model? Usually teheran high fashion stuff I see like couture looks kinda ugly... Do you generally like the clothes? Have a favorite item or style to model? I love the fashion clothes, I see it as art! My favorite to model is the huge couture gowns, I die :)
My sister danced ballet for many years and ended up with all her friends also being the ones she was competing with for parts. Basically frienemies. Is it similar in the modeling industry? How do you manage to balance a social life with work? Thanks for the AMA and good luck! 1) yes and no. Its never a competition, there's enough work to go around. I really don't trust many girls, and only have 4 close friends out here. Girls will be girls and do crazy stuff.. 2) I don't have much of a social life, but I get to make friends and hang out at shoots which is good enough for now :) 3)I love the ease of walking everywhere. Anything you need is at your fingertips! 4) FDR.
Who is your celebrity crush? Tough..... I really honestly don't have one! I have a lot of respect for many, and think many are HOT.... But no crushes.... Then again... I am dating a Calvin Kline model.... :P So I don't let my thoughts linger.
Sorry. I have to do it. It's Calvin Klein. AHH! Crap, sorry.... face palm
Do they use you in advertisements on the Internet? I don't see people grabbing a magazine a lot anymore unless their bored in a waiting room. Alllll the time, more than 60% of my work is all online!
May sound like a strange question, but do you consider yourself attractive? I.e. if you'd have to give your looks a grade from 1-10, what would it be? This will sound funny, but I have struggled with my self image my whole life. Picked on by kids growing up, my dad never thought I was good enough.... I never though I was beautiful. Now, I still struggle with it sometimes, but if there is anything I am proud of, it is my head on my shoulders and who I am inside. Cheesy I know. But it sets me apart from the crowd, and I feel good about myself as a person over all.
One more question. What's your favorite cologne(s) on a guy? I don't believe this has been asked Aqua Di gio is insanely yummy!
How much money do you make per shoot and how rich are you right now. My hourly rate is 250-500 and hour. I don't want to discuss money past that.
I rebuilt a '69 VW bug a year ago, she is my baby. Here's me fixing up the brother, '67 bug by the name of frank! And here is an artsy picture of me drifting ol frank Finally, me driving Norma for the first time.
Marry me.
What are the negative aspects of modeling, outside of the typical things like weight disorders? The job is probably much more complicated than it seems. Also, how did you get into modeling? The ideal that "You're not good enough". There is a lot of emotional pain and rejection. I was discovered through proscout!
Your profile ... is stunning ! How can you describe working with vogue ? i mean come on ... its vogue ! did you psyche yourself out ? how did you manage to pull through and create your wonderful work ? Teen Vogue :P but hopefully the real thing one day! It was quite the shock, but I was happy and professional. I just have to stay in the mindset of "Its just a normal shoot, I'm just a normal girl"
Its ok :P, it still has vogue in it ! You should try out for america's next top model. NO Lordy I can not tell you how badly that ruins a girls career. Where I am now with my career is even past the stage of any past winner of the show... Its all scripted BS.
What's your Fav thing about magazine shoots? They're always so fun and relaxed! The creativity is unparalleled.
Do you have to ask permission to change your hailook? Yes, I would have to re do my whole book, so the agency needs to be notified.
Physically, how strong are you? Any strength stories? I can bench 40 lbs :P no great stories :(
How can I try and get my foot in the door as a male model? *edited for typo. Check out ProScout! That's how I started, and am very grateful :)
Do you get any sort of fulfillment from your job? Or is it just a means to an end kind of thing? Yes, I adore it. But it also had given me the money my family needs.
Could you elaborate on why you adore it? It is one thing I know I am good at. It makes me happy, and thats all I need right now.
Does it take a developed skill? Surprisingly, yes!
Do you like the clothes that you model for? Or any relevant interest in fashion? And I have to say- really nice work, stunning pictures! Edit: Could you tell me some fashion houses you've modeled for? I love fashion, It is truly an art. No huge fashion houses yet, im on hold for the D&G show!
Very nice, the clothes must be very costly for even you though :( Do any fashion houses give the models the dresses they model? Sometimes, yes! (to both questions)
Do you ever see a photo of yourself and find yourself surprised by how much your appearance has changed? Yes, check out the top question & comment :)
Why does it say 'thatsbannanas' on the paper and 'thatsbanannas' on your username? Because I made a derp.
Is it really necessary to be tall in order to be a model? I've always had this child like dream of going into modeling, but I'm only 5'1". I'm well proportioned if that makes a difference. 34" 24" 36" Thanks! Yes :( The shortest is 5'7. Past that there's really no options... I think its silly, but in a way it keeps it "exclusive"
I don't mean this as criticism, but why don't models seem to smile very often in shoots? You have a great smile (like the one in the heart glasses shot) that would make a lot of the pictures look even better. Is it a part of the marketing campaigns to look "tough" or "mysterious"? Just curious. Thanks! Its just part of the "look" I can't give you rhyme or reason, but it seems to work!
What tips/tricks have you learned about taking photogenic pictures? Obviously, there must be some skill to it. We can't all be born with the gifts of Barney from HIMYM! The #1 tip is to relax. I can not stress this enough. #2. If you are taking a photo with a certain mood (be it mysterious, sexy, happy, ect.) think thoughts pertaining to that particular mood! It is really crazy how much of our subconscious facial expressions and body language can be controlled by immersing our brains in a certain thought. #3 Practice makes perfect. Some of my first shoots were...simply put... tragic! The more you get used to the camera and moving in front of it, the easier it will get!
This is gonna sound crazy but here it goes. My girlfriend collects signed pictures of models...Any chance you could send one over my way so I could surprise her? Absolutely! PM me and I'll send a signed comp card :)
Also whats life like in general for a 17 model? Would you consider it to be a average lifestyle? Quite the opposite of the average girl. I wouldn't change it tho.
Do you see this as a life-time career, or something that you'll transition out of? Nah, I will transition. Unless I book Victorias Secret, I will fade away in about 10 years.
Can you turn left??? I'm working on it...
How Much money did you make last year? Can you tell us about any crazy parties? I really would prefer not to discuss my personal pay (I'm sure you understand) But it is enough to support myself and my family. I do not party, so no stories :( sorry to disappoint!
What kind of acting training do you have, and why do you feel you will be successful in that over modeling? I have trained since I could speak. Right now I am studying with Susan Batson, who is Nicole Kidmans private coach.... I am fondly referred to as "The next Nicole" at the studio. It is my passion, and even if I end up doing community theater my whole life, I'll be happy. But there has been a huge response from the acting industry with my talent, so I hope I can make that my career!
Do you ever feel self-conscious about your looks? I hope not, because there are so many girls out there who would kill to look like you (myself included) but unfortunately there are so many pretty girls I know who complain about their looks/weight, which saddens me. I never have though of myself as pretty. Cute maybe, but never sexy or beautiful. I was picked on a lot as a kid, and my dad never supported me... I struggle with it still, but am very grateful for what I have been given.
I never complain about my looks or weight, its just the image I have of myself is much different than the image I project.
Do you like cats? I love cats. I am a redditor, am I not?
What's the best freebie you've gotten as a result of your work, in terms of getting to go to parties, VIP, or just keeping awesome clothes? I get beautiful jewelry and clothes from fashion shows, my personal favorite is a necklace I received from a jewelry designer who partnered with a designer for a show to make buttons. The necklace has a small page excerpt from an old book from the 1800s I believe... The designer is called the written nerd. I adore her work, I get to carry a piece of history around my neck!
How often do you put on an outfit for a fashion show and think it looks absolutely ridiculous? 1/10 times, I usually love what I wear.
Cool! I've always wondered what models themselves thought of what they wear considering you always hear people say how ridiculous some things look on the run way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Some models love it, others hate it. I think its stunning (most of the time)
Why does models look so sad on the catwalk? Aren't you allowed to smile and look happy? No offence :) Also, you walk like a boss! When walking the cat walk, the model is not the center of attention, the clothing is! So we have our "blank" faces to ensure no one of us stand out more than the other. It (supposedly) adds an air of mystery and sexiness!
Where do you like to shop for clothing? How often do you receive clothing as a result of a gig? My favorites are H&M, brandy melvo, and forever 21. I have a huge closet filled with designer shenanigans that I have received as payment from fashion week, but outside of shows, I usually don't get clothes.
Seeing that you were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, did you have the chance to meet Jimmy and actually talk to him? If so, how awesome was he? Yesssss. One of the best moments of my life. He is by far the funniest person I have ever met in my life. They cut out all of his improv on the show (its too vulgar) but he is so fast and witty!
Ahh. H&M <333 We should be shopping buddies. Assuming you don't mind shopping at J crew. If you hate J crew...its over. YES YES YES! Tell me when and where :D.
Next time I go to New York or if you visit Miami University in Ohio. It's a shopping date!! YAYYY!
So how about those height requirements? How do those effect success in the industry? You need to be at least 5'7 as a girl and 5'11 as a guy. Any smaller and you have no shot.
Rats, 5'10. My dreams have been crushed. If your ridiculously hot, you have a chance at being a commercial model!
In general, what do you eat every day? My biggest thing is PROTEIN. Egg whites & fruit with breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, grilled chicken/fish for dinner and nuts and fruits through the day for snacks.
Any advice for girls who have no idea what clothing would flatter them? For example, while skinny jeans may work for one type of girl, it'll be horrific for another girl of a different size. The answer is typically "ask your friends!", but in my case, we're all nerdy tomboys. Take a day to go shopping. By your self. DO not be distracted by pretty patterns or sale tags, but try on every fit and style clothing you can find. Look at yourself and find what flatters you best!
Good call with the protein. Proetin satiats you the best, so if you want to naturally cut hunger cravings eat protein. Exactly. It also keeps my hair and nails healthy when I have to cut back on calories!
Do any of the models that you have seen/worked with have any stretch marks? Are they really all "flawless"? Oh yes, nearly all of us! I myself have a few boobie battle scars :P.
You seem very well spoken and polite for a model. Are many models quite stuck up? Thank you very much! You meet many who are humble and sweet, and many who think they're gods gift to the world, it really depends =/
Have you ever met any famous models? Kate Moss and Naomi Cambell spring to mind (They are the only ones i know) Heidi Klum, Coca Rocha, Hilary Rhoda, Dousten Keroes, and Chanel Iman :) I am happy to say they are all very sweet.
I know you can't help it because it's your job but from reading the comments your lifestyle is what many people say is wrong with glamor and beauty in America. Does the industry and what it demands bother you much at all? It does bother me, and I would like to change it. Hopefully I will rise to a point where I can make some changes.
I know you answered this already, but this is sort of an add to another question. Can you show us original photo that you shot compared to the same photo of a photoshop? Ill pull up some that I have, not sure if it is the best....
Link to imgur.com
The first two aren't exact but give an idea. The photo has mosly been sharpened, that's about it.
That isn't too bad. I was more thinking that every photo was heavily photoshopped that you wouldn't have the same figure. Sorry to be close minded but I thought that is what they did about 90% but glad it was just sharpened. Do you feel any discomfort when you see a photo that has your body shape distorted(altered) like you answered previously of the jaw lining and etc as in you don't like that photo because it isn't you or it is what is sort of type thing? I'm happy with my body, rarely does it need to be shopped (wow that sounded vain) but no Photoshopping makes me unrecognizable, usually just thins and tones. It does make me a bit uncomfortable, but thats in the job description
1.Do you ever wish to be "normal"? I feel for ya, you have a lot of responsibilities and you are taking care of your family but if you had a chance to marry some nice guy and not have to worry about your family, would you leave modeling? 2.Are you affiliated with any religion/do you think about life or deep stuff ? Sometimes, but then I think about all the amazing opportunities that have been presented to me that I would have never gotten by being normal. I will never marry for money, only love. Ive been raised in a relaxed mormon family and still regularly attend church even away from home. Not solid on the belief, but I am happy when I am at church. Ive traveled the world with my mom when I was younger (and she was healthy) and have had the chance to immerse myself into may cultures and religions. I do not believe in one true religion, only a sense of living a life I would like to be remembered fondly for. I even attended a catholic school for 4 years, went to multiple churches with friends growing up... I have a respect for all, but find myself happiest with the LDS community :)
OP: the black and white in the pool (from above) : do you recall how many lights the Photog had on the shot? Yes, one over head, and two on opposite sides of me (One at my head, one at my feet.
Do you think it's possible for a very short girl to make it as a picture model? How would one go about it? Honestly it is very rare to make it in any larger cities. Try local agencies but you'll have a rough time... best of luck! :)
Do you often fall victim to the 'dumb model' stereotype? At first glance people think I am. Then I open my mouth. :)
Was it a tough decision to move at such a young age or did the glamour of moving to NYC to model make it easy? It was scary, but an easy decision. Happy I made the move!
What kind of money do you make that allows you to live by yourself in newyork at 17 years old? Enough :P
As far as acting goes, have you considered doing theater? Like stage acting? Have you had experience with acting before? I have grown up with theater. Shakespeare is my personal favorite and have been in Shakespearean 5 productions so far :)
Wow, well kudos to you then :-D I always envy actors and actresses because I always felt a love for theater, but I can't act worth a hill of beans :-) However, playwriting has always been something I would love to do. Go for it! If you love it, do not let anything hold you back.
How long is the average model's "shelf life," so to speak? Do you plan on continuing to model until then? If so, what kinds of education/career options will be open to you afterwards? It usually lasts about 10 years. from age 17-27. After I'd like to continue acting and get my MBA.
What about male models? Male models last from 18-34.
Do you have any tips on getting into nyfw without an invite? Ha. hahahaha. HAHAHA. sorry... Dipped into hysterics a bit on that one.... My friend, that is a nearly impossible task. I couldn't get my own mother in if I tried.... No tips here =/ but if you figure it out.... PLEASE DO TELL.
How much free stuff if any do companies give you? Usually only from fashion week, but I get about $2,000 worth of clothes from every show I do.
Thanks for the reply. How hard is it for you to balance your life "back home", while also being a model? I'm not a fan of going back home. Lots has changed, the girls who picked on me growing up now pretend we are besties, all the boys want to get laid... I have a hard time trusting people now.
I caught a documentary on TV about modelling, and it talked about these guys who would wait at airports, bus and train stops for new models to arrive in NYC. Initially they would offer them "advice", be a guide, a helping hand for a young naive girl in the big city, but would quickly take advantage of them, sleep with them and move on. Is this something that happens a lot to new aspiring models? And has there been any improvement? I've never herd of that, there is a lot of media hype and BS about the industry.
Yea that really stinks is it hard to trust men that know you're a model? As a guy myself I know for the most us there is some sort of pride as bad as it is in saying that you dated or took home a model. I have trust issues to begin with... Daddy problems, Ive been cheated on, lied to... just over all hurt pretty bad. SO on top of that, I worry that guys only want me for my pretty face and name.
Have you ever posted nude pics anywhere on the Internet? No sir!
Worst part about being a model? Preconceived misconceptions about models that other people form.
Wow. Moving out as a 16 year old must have been pretty crazy for you. As an 18 year old, it still seems pretty nerve wracking to me. So to me at least,that was an incredibly brave thing to do. Were you scared? What kind of initial obstacles did you have to overcome? Very scared. $500 to start, if i ran out, I had to come back home. Alas I was successful and very happy!
Will you consider going to UGA for your college education? :) I was planning on getting my BA through ASU online :)
Have you battled bulimia or any other type of eating disorder? No, but I have seen other girls deal with it.
Could a girl 5'8" or less make it in the industry? 5'8 is solid, 5'6 is the shortest.
Is it as hard to "break into the industry" as everyone says? (may have been asked but I don't feel like looking cause its like 2:30 here) Very. I have been blessed!
Do you prefer pool parties or waterfights? WATER FIGHT.
What kind of model are you and what are you made of? E.G Clay, Plastic, metal ETC. I am a cross over, or double threat... I can do both commercial and high fashion :) I am made of rainbows and butterflies
How often do guys appraoch you? There's a theory in the PUA communities that 10/10 girls are rarely approached by guys as most think they're not good enough for a 10/10. I know for a fuckin fact I'd be anxious as hell if you were anywhere in a hundred meter radius from me. Not often at all! Ill get suggestive comments walking down the street, but 9 times out of 10 never will I be approached.
How did you get into modeling? I've always wanted to model. I'm 6'1" and your age, but I don't know where to start. I have ProScout to thank for getting me into the industry. Check them out :)
Is it true that runway models actually smell during fashion shows because they are not allowed to wear deodorant (to spoil/stain clothing)? Awesome photos! love the look... I have NEVER herd of that! haha we stick TP under the armpits to protect, that's the extent of it!
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