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I'm not having much luck recently, and could really use some feedback.

2015.10.04 19:17 secretthrowaway9989 I'm not having much luck recently, and could really use some feedback.

So I'm a little worried that online dating is starting to crush my soul a bit and I'm not entirely sure what I am doing wrong. In the past week or so I was messaging a couple of women from OKC/Tinder, one of which was great and texted/talked on the phone every day right up until the date and then...completely ghosted (though I admit I did feel she was way out of my league). Another, the most recent, was a really cool person whom I liked a lot. Artistic, smart, creative, lots of personality. She got my digits, we texted throughout the day, we had both had stressful weekend and decided to celebrate at the end with a drink, which is when I decided to ask if she'd like to meet up for one sometime and poof! GONE. Never heard back! This one is really sad as I felt like we could have at least been good friends.
But really it's not just this week. I've been on and off online dating for years now and most end up this way. I've had a couple 2nd & 3rd dates, one short term relationship, and one very nearly relationship. But recently it's just been rejection after rejection and I gotta admit at 28 I'm starting to get a bit freaked out about being forever alone-y. Mostly, I am just at a complete loss, I've done a lot of self improvement in my early 20s, at one point even losing about 100lbs. To help, here are some fast facts about me:
-Just graduated with my BA & then a year later moved to another province to do my Master of Arts in Communications. -Been working throughout my education, 6 years in theatre & performing arts. I've been a musician & singer for various groups throughout my life, and a writer. -Had a pretty okay (but hours non-guaranteed) job with a municipality as a Clerk before I left, but they granted me a leave of absence for my education. Hoping to come back in a year & move into PR to get a career with them on track. (I loved working in the arts but you just can't live on that kind of money.) -Actively losing weight. I've always struggled with this in my life but I am currently 6'4 and about 240lbs but that number is going down! -I am pretty introverted, but seem to have no problem making new friends and have a pretty solid friend circle (that I now miss dearly being several provinces away) some going back about a decade. -I've had 3 relationships in the past, most short term. -In therapy via my university at the moment, getting some of my anxiety issues looked into. -Own a totally sweet pug.
Thing is, I don't seem to have much trouble getting messages, or even getting numbers. It's usually the first date & then ghost. What my suspicion is, is that I might not really come across as the most "masculine" person. I never really have been. I'm not oozing with confidence, I usually just tell it like it is. I am definitely a more sensitive type, and am often an ear for friends, which I don't really mind. Anyway, I'll quit yapping and let you all pick apart my profile, as I am ready to be torn apart!
Edit: aforementioned artsy girl just texted back apparently being out super sick. Welp, let that be a lesson to all you antsy texters out there.
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