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Now you can access available data including, calling entities, email, master plan/vision documents, google, PDF or CSV File. Animals (2) Dubai Municipality ... See which areas of Dubai host the most ridership traffic for different typ... DEVZONE DevZone is a complete deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver ... The Dubai sales house index increased by 12.1% in May 2020 compared to the base year 2012, and recorded a growth of 0.5% compared to April 2020. The Dubai Land Department recorded a total of 1,440 sales transactions worth AED 2.47 billion with 66.5% in the off-plan segment and 33.5% in the secondary segment. A UAE based IT Reseller of Data Storage. Customer Service - +9714-3936912. Contact; VAT Info ... DATA You can find Dubai’s data from various sources across the city, available in different formats including PDF, CSV and others. Please feel free to use these data to enhance people’s experience of Dubai. Harnessing data to improve lives and create benefit. Established by the Dubai Data Law of 2015, Dubai Data is creating an ambition strategy where data is shared seamlessly, safely and securely, We’re using data to solve real world problems, create social and economic benefits, and lay the foundations of a truly smart city. United Arab Emirates Global Economic Prospects examines trends for the world economy and how they affect developing countries. The report includes country-specific three-year forecasts for major macroeconomic indicators, including commodity and financial markets. The data set represents total Enrollments in Higher Education distributed by Institution type, gender, Nationality, Campus Emirate & Degree for Academic Year 2012-2019... Dubai is the world’s first city where the sharing of data is mandated by law. At Dubai Data, we set the stage for seamless data sharing between stakeholders by translating regulations into polices, checklists and toolkits that help our public sector partners comply. Dubai Data law. The government of Dubai passed the Dubai Data law. One of its aim is data protection and privacy of the individual. Read more about: Data in the UAE; Citizens' right to access government information; Updated on 23 Oct 2019 Was this information helpful? Give us your feedback so we can improve your experience. ... Dubai: Microsoft is set to open its first data centres in the Middle East in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by early next year, the company’s regional head told Gulf News.

Rental Advice - DIFC + Business Bay / Damac Properties

2019.04.12 14:48 hsv_bvd Rental Advice - DIFC + Business Bay / Damac Properties

Hi all, recently relocated to Dubai. Workplace is at DIFC. Needing a place to rent for at least a year.
Areas in mind are currently DIFC (expensive but save on transport) & Business Bay (cheaper but further).
Budget is around 50-70k aed/year.

In business bay, DAMAC Majestine (link) seems to be the clear choice. Proximity to bay square (supermarket), fully furnished & new (from photos). Plus it is going for 50-55k.

Was wondering if anyone has experience with this property and what is the catch. All the agents seem to be using the same photos and same description. Is the property direct from the landlord? Agency fee seem to be 3k-5k with a 5% security deposit. With regards to bargaining will asking for 5k reduction be too much?

The other properties in that area for the same price range are either much older (burj al nujoom) or unfurnished and older.

Have shortlisted a few places in DIFC. Libery house & Sky gardens but compared to the damac properties they seem like the worse off choice
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2019.01.18 14:56 TheMeedo Best Etisalat data plan for Spotify + Whatsapp?

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2018.11.26 02:47 OnlyAnEssenceThief Are servers in South Africa + Dubai really not feasible?

I'm asking this because I genuinely believe they are feasible and I'm glad to debunk some arguments that state otherwise. Take all of this with a grain of salt as I only have so much information to work with, I don't have Riot's internal statistics on potential player counts for example.

Argument #1: Not enough people are there to maintain a profit/validate server presence.

If this were the case I don't believe OCE would exist as a server. OCE primarily consists of Australia & New Zealand whom amount to ~30 million in terms of population, adding in a few more million to factor in various islands. For Dubai we can assume that servers would encompass a large portion of the Middle East, EASILY beating out OCE just by starting off with Saudi Arabia at 33 million (this not including potential players from the UAE, Qatar, Iran, Pakistan & many more). South Africa alone also sweeps this with a population of 56 million (not including other nearby countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswan etc). You can argue that the demographics of Dubai/South Africa (especially rich/poor raio) are worse for gamers than in OCE but I doubt it, both South Africa & the Middle East are a lot more developed than people give them credit for and very likely have a good supply of potential players at hand.
tl;dr: OCE has less potential players than South Africa OR the Middle East assuming demographics are remotely similar. OCE doesn't have the population to compare.

Argument #2: There aren't good areas to host the servers.

I shouldn't need to explain how false this is for Dubai. Dubai is to the Middle East what New York City is to the US - a massive, uber-developed supercity with plenty of resources to spare thanks to the power of big oil, potential server hosts being one of them. Dubai should be easy.
South Africa on the other hand is a bit tricker but not my much, Johannesburg is the 41th largest urban area by population in the world (as of 2017) and Cape Town is always a good alternate. To put it into perspective the 40th largest urban area by population is Chicago, the current home of NA's servers (though this was more prime location than anything). There are DEFINITELY good areas available in South Africa & Dubai.
tl;dr: No, Dubai is the Middle East's NYC & South Africa has good cities available as well. Once more I'll ask people to not underestimate the population & economic statuses of South Africa OR the Middle East.

Argument #3: Just because servers will be there doesn't mean they'll grow or be maintainable.

So you're not willing to try? Is the idea here just to leave these places in the dust because it's assumed there's no hope for them, that they'll just wither and die? What does that say for globalization and the ever-important idea of being able to include more and more people into modern day society so that we can have more people educated, more people living longer & as a result more innovation being performed? You'll laugh at me for involving League in this but it plays a part in this too: Having servers in South Africa & Dubai would allow more people to get into gaming meaning more demand, more cash & above all MORE COMPETITION (even if it's only Wildcard level for a while). Giving more people an opportunity to make their impact is a GOOD thing, it opens up more potential income & resources for everyone to get a share of. So why not try it? If it bombs it bombs, they got a shot & no one wanted to take part. But if it works it'll be huge for the worldwide League scene - one step closer to getting worldwide coverage and a true World Championship.
tl;dr: Not trying is worse than failing and having tried. Giving more people the opportunity to make their voices (and for Riot - wallets) known has no real consequence in a positive sum game. There are potential gamers out there, just give them a chance and they'll make themselves known.
That's all. I wanted to vent on this for the most part, it's been several years since people started asking for servers in the Middle East + Africa (especially South Africa) and to have it constantly be put down for the three arguments above just seems unfair when none of them are as sound as they may seem. But in the end Riot has the data, Riot knows best - I just hope they open up an opportunity for those potential playerbases soon.
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2018.07.27 09:07 nitinkbhaskar Laptop for daily usage + mild computing - Budget 25-35k INR (India)

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2017.05.22 20:51 Souptacular Oaken + Toyota = ♥

Hey all!
Just wanted to fill you in on what Project Oaken Innovations has been up to since the 1st place win in the UAE Govhack Blockchain Hackathon.
Way, way back in March of 2017 a group of startups got together with Toyota Research Institute in Palo Alto, CA. We wanted to help solve a problem of how consumers would interact with an autonomous car future, but more immediately how we could help other consumers get access to mobility now.
We’ve contributed to this effort by developing some early prototypes to solve these problems with the Ethereum blockchain, and of course, provided our Acorn hardware solution embedded within the vehicle. Our contributions will allow for a disintermediated, TRUE peer to peer car and ride sharing platform, as well as a (caution: pun) vehicle in which consumers can lease a vehicle short-term. This is in anticipation for the autonomous car future where the average consumer won’t own a car, but also, this provides utility now, allowing individual and fleet auto owners to lease their vehicles to trusted and identified riders.
We did this in cooperation with Toyota Research Institute, MIT Media Labs and blockchain/DLT startups: Gem, BigChainDB, and Commuterz (Formerly LaZooz).
Eventually, this will also be a platform for cars’ autonomous devices (LIDAR, RADAR, Cameras, etc…) to feed data to an open data exchange where other auto manufacturers can run simulations against scenarios that their fleets might never encounter and city planners can run modeling for capacity and infrastructure needs. With identity, security and value transfer baked into blockchain protocols, this makes a perfect platform to enable car sharing, ride sharing, and short term auto leases.
We’re very proud to be a part of this effort and are looking for other developers and auto manufacturers to join us on our open mobility initiative at
Be sure to watch me and Oaken Innovations on stage tomorrow, with Toyota for our presentation on this effort @ 4:30 EST @ Consensus 2017 in NY.
Link to the Toyota Research Institute Press Release:
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